Clan Sword

Clan Swords

Clan Sword is an evolving sword, it was a Ninja Warz Anniversary Weapon bonus which is not available for new players. The names of the Clan Swords:

  • Fire Blade for Fire Clan
  • Lotus Blade for Lotus Clan
  • Shadow Blade for Shadow Clan

Although the Clan Sword's sell value is 10 Karma, the Clan Sword cannot be sold. Any attempt to sell the Clan Sword in the Weapon Shop will bring out a dialog box saying, "You can't sell this weapon! It's spiritually important to your whole clan!"

Enlightened Sword

The Enlightened Blade

In addition to the three swords mentioned above, upon Enlightenment, your clan will receive an Enlightened blade. This blade does not replace your original clan blade, however, and will level and evolve like the other clan swords.
Clan Sword Evolution Table
 Level Evolution DPS Speed
2 1 3.00 Normal
3-5 1 7.00 Normal
6-10 2 9.00 Normal
11-15 2 12.00 Normal
16-20 3 15.00 Normal
21-25 3 19.00 Normal
26-30 4 23.50 Fast
31-35 4 29.00 Fast
36-40 4 31.00 Fast
41-45 4 36.00 Fast
51 4 42.00 Fast
56 4 43.50 Faster
61 4 45.00 Faster

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