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Big disapointed on the karma purchase. After a karma purchase paypal information should be reinter not just click click and purchase. This is unprofessional and dose not protect my personal informaion. What is somehow some way some one hack into my account then i'm screw.

what are universal recipients 16:15, August 3, 2013 (UTC)keanu parris

i need to know what they are i have know idea what they areEdit

Ninja Warz 2 tips and tricks (New Wiki for ninja warz 2 please?) Edit

My first idea: Farming for items (easy items, and free weapons)

First buy Wooden links because they are cheap and give a free item garunteed, so you don't have to play the same level ten times for a item. Also they pay out almost every time just have a level 5+ relic shop, and level 3+ weapon shop. Next you will want to go to Tomite 2. Tomite 2, why not namame 1? It is because there are two ninjas, and you can't get more than one drop from a ninja, and namame 1 only has one ninja so if they try two give you something and you are using wooden links you will only get one drop.

Now the only thing you will ever spend gold on is wooden links and paying for battles enjoy ;)

If anyone else has a idea please share it, it is appreciated.                                                                      -Sincerly Hidden Leaf Village.

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